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Educational Resources & Workshops for Primary School Children

First Aid became a part of UK's Primary School National Curriculum in February 2021.

Resus Rangers offers outstanding child-centred resources that has been designed for children aged 4 to 11 years to learn First Aid in a fun, friendly and interactive way.

Central to the Programme are the Resus Rangers who are four little characters that take the children on a journey through the playground and the school learning important First Aid skills. 

The Resus Rangers Programme is split across two Key Stages (KS1 & KS2) as well as Early Years/Reception. Resus Rangers is comprehensive and covers all the essential topics such as minor injuries, recovery position and an introduction to CPR.

Our Resus Rangers School Resources Package offers Lesson Plans, Online Resources and Animations giving you the tools you need to confidently deliver these lessons without any prior knowledge of First Aid.


The Resus Rangers Resources can be delivered by a teacher in your school or we offer Workshops delivered by one of our qualified Resus Ranger Leader. 


Your children will love the animated characters (Louise, Farha, Jake, and Leo) and soon be singing the catchy Resus Rangers song whilst learning an important skill for life!

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An All-Inclusive Educational Package & Child-Centred Workshops

Every subscription to our Educational Package will include the following online and printable resources for the whole school...

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Book a Workshop

If your school would prefer to have one of our Resus Rangers Leaders deliver a First Aid session in your primary school. We are now delivering Workshops across the UK!

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Want to Become a
Resus Rangers Leader?

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We offer an opportunity to become a Franchisee, a "Resus Rangers Leader" and run your own Resus Rangers business teaching children life-saving First Aid.

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Resus Rangers Leaders are now delivering our Programme across the United Kingdom

Join us on our mission to teach every child in the UK First Aid!

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