First Aid For Primary School Children


Are you ready to teach First Aid to your

Primary School pupils?

From February 2021 all UK schools will be required to teach First Aid as a part of their curriculum. Resus Rangers offers the UKs first training package that the teachers can deliver themselves.

The Resus Rangers Programme is designed for Primary School teachers to deliver essential First Aid lessons to their pupils in a fun and friendly way. It is ideal for Covid19 bubbles as the programme can be taught in the classroom.

The Programme is split across two Key Stages (Reception, KS1 & KS2) and includes topics such as Minor Injuries, Recovery Position and an introduction to CPR. These lessons are designed to be totally flexible. You can teach all the topics in each Key Stage in one Core Lesson or spend time with each topic in individual lessons.

Detailed Lesson Plans, Online Resources and Animations will allow you to confidently deliver these lessons with all information provided by a leading UK First Aid Training organisation.

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An All-Inclusive Educational Package

Every subscription will include the following online and printable resources for the whole school...

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We are now delivering our Programme across the UK

Join us on our mission to teach every child in the UK first aid. 

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“This programme is fantastic! Our entire school can use these resources and it makes the learning about First Aid fun for the children.”

— Mrs. Thomas, Teacher