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 Workshops & Educational Resources for Teachers of Primary School Children

Resus Rangers is designed for children aged 3 to 12 years old to learn First Aid in a fun, interactive and child-centred way. ​Central to the Programme are the "Resus Rangers", animated characters that guide the children through the essential First Aid topics required on the PSHE National Curriculum and the Curriculum of Excellence. 


The Resus Rangers programme includes edutainment Workshops delivered by qualified Resus Rangers Leaders in a variety of settings including schools, after school and holidays clubs, whilst the Resus Rangers ​Resources can be used flexibly by teachers in their schools and include Spiral Curriculum Scheme of Work, Lesson Plans, Online Resources, Worksheets and Videos.

We also offer schools specialist First Aid Teacher Training courses for educators who want to develop the skills to deliver First Aid in their school or setting.

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An All-Inclusive Educational Resource

Package for Teachers to Deliver


  • Exclusive children's animations for each topic.

  • Interactive PowerPoints.

  • Comprehensive activities and worksheets.

  • Flexible & easy to follow lesson plans.

  • No planning required.

  • Designed so any member of staff can deliver.

  • Measurable learning outcomes.

  • Suitable to for all children including those with educational needs.

  • Whole school package - Revisit throughout the year for a spiral curriculum.

Interactive PowerPoints
Activity Sheets
Certificates for All!
Quizzes and Games
Flexible Lesson Plans
Comprehensive User's Guide
Everything You Need to Teach First Aid

Read more about the First Aid topics covered in each Key Stage...

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 Workshops for Children in Your School

If your school would prefer to have one of our expert Resus Rangers Leaders deliver a First Aid Workshop in your primary school.


We are now delivering Workshops across the United Kingdom! For the whole school or specific Key Stages or classes. Our Workshops can be delivered at times to suit your timetables and PSHE curriculum planning.

Early Years
Early Years
Early Years
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
  • DBS Checked Leaders

  • Completely child centred and ideal for KS1 and KS2.

  • Fully insured 

  • Safeguard trained Leaders

  • Completed Risk Assessment

  • Statutory National Curriculum PSHE Objectives Met

  • Workshops based on the characters the 'Resus Rangers'

  • From £3 per child

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Learn to Teach First Aid

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Are you planning on delivering the First Aid statutory requirement to your school but need more specialist understanding? We can offer fully comprehensive specialist CPD further training on First Aid, as well as First Aid Training certificates.

Do You Want to Become a
Resus Rangers Leader?

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Are you looking for a change of career? Or the flexibility to run your own business?

The Resus Rangers offers an exciting opportunity to become a Franchisee, a "Resus Rangers Leader" and run your own Resus Rangers business teaching children life-saving First Aid.

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Now COMPULSORY on the National Curriculum

Meets your statutory requirements to deliver First Aid


Find out what some of our clients have said about us.


St. Hilary's School


"Outstanding First Aid workshop for our children."


Bute House Preparatory School


"Great resource for teaching First Aid even to the tiny little one"


Each Peach Nursery Newhaven


"Resus Rangers teach our preschoolers first aid once a year. We believe it's a valuable life skill that should be started at nursery. The Resus Rangers offers song, dance and role play to help the little ones understand what to do. They absolutely love it and we practice the songs with them after"