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 Quality First Aid Workshops, Assemblies & Educational Resources for Teachers of Primary School Children across the UK

We understand all schools are different and that is why the Resus Rangers offer a range of packages and solutions to meet the needs of your school in delivering quality First Aid lessons.

Resus Rangers is designed for children aged 3 to 11 years old to learn First Aid in a fun, interactive and child-centred way.


​Central to the Programme are the "Resus Rangers", four animated characters who guide the children on a journey through learning the essential First Aid topics required on the PSHE National Curriculum.


The Resus Rangers programme includes First Aid Workshops delivered by qualified Resus Rangers Leaders at times to suit your school.


Resus Rangers Teacher-Led ​First Aid Resources for children can be used flexibly by teachers. This all-inclusive resource package includes Spiral Curriculum Scheme of Work, Lesson Plans, Interactive PowerPoint, over 200 Worksheets and Resus Rangers Animated videos.

We also offer an interactive online Assembly Package for schools where PSHE is part of their assembly timetable.

Watch this video to find out more!

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An All-Inclusive Educational

Resource Package for Teachers

  • Exclusive children's animations for each topic.

  • Interactive PowerPoints.

  • Comprehensive activities and worksheets.

  • Flexible & easy to follow lesson plans.

  • No planning required.

  • Designed so any member of staff can deliver.

  • Measurable learning outcomes.

  • Suitable to for all children including those with educational needs.

  • Whole school package - Revisit throughout the year for a spiral curriculum.



Ideal for schools who are delivering their own PSHE curriculum. Cross Curriculum links including science, physical education, maths and literacy.

Interactive PowerPoints
Activity Sheets
Certificates for All!
Quizzes and Games
Flexible Lesson Plans
Comprehensive User's Guide
Everything You Need to Teach First Aid

Read more about the First Aid topics covered in each Key Stage...

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First Aid Workshops for your School Children

Some schools prefer their children learn First Aid in a practical and hands on way, this is where our child-centred Workshops come in!


We are now delivering Workshops across the United Kingdom. We offer Whole School Enrichment Days to train all pupils with Workshops and Assemblies for specific Key Stages.

Our multimedia Workshops use PowerPoints, animations, songs, rhymes, and group activities! The programme is entirely child-centred and specifically adapted for age groups from EYFS through to Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 1
Early Years
Early Years
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
  • Statutory National Curriculum PSHE Objectives Met

  • Practical Workshops based on the characters the 'Resus Rangers'

  • From £3 per child

  • Ideal for special days at school, to support other aspects of the PSHE curriculum or can be bought alongside assemblies or resources.

  • DBS Checked Leaders

  • Completely child-centred and ideal for pupils from EYFS to KS2.

  • Engaging and Fun with CPR introduction, First Aid equipment and games!


Ideal for schools who are looking for a practical 'hands on' approach to First Aid.

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Online First Aid Assembly Package

The Resus Rangers Assembly package offers THREE interactive online assemblies per year. The assemblies have been carefully considered to help achieve learning outcomes suggested in the PSHE teaching Basic First Aid Document (DfE).

The Assembly Titles and Topics:

  • Assembly 1: Communicating with Confidence (999, getting help and safety)

  • Assembly 2: First Aid 'Hokey Cokey' - Movers  (when and how to move a person)

  • Assembly 3: Injury Meet and Treat (fractures, bleeding and injuries)

Assemblies are delivered to suit your timetable and come with a support worksheet to embed learning, all delivered by Zoom or Teams.

Ideal for schools who are using a whole school PSHE scheme to provide initial learning experiences and practical First Aid. Also suitable for very large schools, small rural schools and schools where PSHE will form part of the assembly timetable.

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41,063 Children in UK Primary Schools have learnt First Aid with the Resus Rangers!

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First Aid for Primary

School Children

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