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Resus Rangers

Meet the Team

Photo of Tara


Operations Manager

Tara has been with the ambulance service for many years in the control room and she knows what a difference it makes when children know how to call 999 and give First Aid.

Photo of Stephen


Programme Manager
Stephen joined the Resus Rangers to design all of our amazing resources and deliver workshops to children across the UK.
Photo of Alicia


Marketing Manager
Alicia is an experienced Marketing Manager who is in charge of getting our important message out there.
Photo of Hannah


Hannah is our consultant primary school teacher and has been advising us on how to ensure our resources are easy to teach and ideal for teachers and pupils.
Photo of Alice


Writer (Programme Content)
With plenty of professional writing experience, Alice has written our fantastic activity sheets.
Photo of Evie


Resus Rangers Champion
Evie is a very brave child who helps us spread the Resus Rangers message and save lives!


Sales Manager
Ben is an experienced salesman in charge of contacting schools across the country to discuss their First Aid national curriculum requirements.


Naveed is a freelance animator who produced our animations across our programmes.


James has brought our Resus Rangers to life by designing all our graphics.
Illustration of Farha

Hi, my name is Farha!

I look forward to teaching children about asthma.

Illustration of Mike

I'm Jake!

I know all about how to call 999.

Illustration of Louise

Hi, I am Louise!

I can't wait to show you through our First Aid programme!

Illustration of Leo

My name is Leo!

I am allergic to nuts. I have to carry an EpiPen.