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Quality Mark

First Aid for Children Quality Mark

Are you looking to fulfil the National Curriculum requirement to teach First Aid by demonstrating you do not just tick boxes at your school, but truly believe in the value of First Aid skills?

We are pleased to announce Resus Rangers will be launching the First Aid for Children Quality Mark in June.

Why Teach First Aid?

There are so many reasons for children to learn First Aid:

  • 30,000 people have cardiac arrest out of hospital per year in the UK of which only 1 in 10 will survive.

  • Ambulance trusts across the UK deal with an average of 6 million responses per year and this number is on the increase.
  • There are 166,000 young carers in the UK looking after patients with a range of medical conditions including Epilepsy and Diabetes
  • 1 million children in the UK a treated for asthma per year and only 25% have a Asthma Action Plan
  • Every year more than 67,000 children experience an accident in the kitchen
  • Only 38% of adults know how to perform effective CPR if someone arrested
  • 5,000 children are taken to hospital after choking per year
  • There are many misconceptions in the understanding of anaphylaxis, for example urticaria or ‘hives’ are not the first sign to appear, in 10% of cases they do not appear at all!
  • 1500 hoax calls are made to the ambulance service each year.
Illustration of Resus Ranger presenter

Showing Your Commitment

The value can not be overstated. We believe that First Aid for children should be delivered in a way that is relevant and realistic for them.

Those schools with a commitment to quality will join us in spreading the message on the importance of quality First Aid for children and we are delighted to send our Quality Mark Resource Pack to those schools by post, in time for September 2022.

All schools using our Resus Rangers services either through Teacher Training, Workshops and Assemblies for Children or Resources for the Schools, will automatically receive the Quality Mark Resource Pack and do not need to do anything. We look forward to sending this to you.

If you do not currently use our Service and wish to find out more: click here We understand all schools are different and that is why we have different options and packages available.

If you do not use our service and would like to enter the Quality Mark and receive the Resource Pack anyway, we will need to ask a few questions to quality assure your lessons: click here ​ We look forward to welcoming your school into the Resus Rangers Club.

Resource Rangers Quality Mark Pack