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First Aid


Resus Rangers offers a range of awarding winning Workshops in your school for children in the Early Years up to Key Stage 2. The Workshops teach life-saving First Aid in a child-centred approach and meets the statutory requirement to teach First Aid on the National Curriculum and Curriculum of Excellence.

The Resus Rangers Workshops are up to 2 hours long and are adapted to each age group to ensure the content is delivered specifically for the children in that class. We can deliver 2-hour workshops to a specific key stage or we can provide Whole School Enrichment Days in which we deliver a combination of workshops and assemblies to every year group.


The Workshop starts with an introduction to the Resus Rangers are four little characters who are central to the Workshops . The characters are leaving for school and interact with your pupils to ask questions such as "What is First Aid?". Then they take them on a journey to call 999, help a person who is unconscious, take action when someone stops breathing and to look after their friends in the playground.

The exclusive interactive animations make our Workshops distinctly unique, interactive and fun for the children.  

Our Workshops and Teacher Led Resources have been endorsed by leading First Aid Training Providers and follow the latest UK Resuscitation Guidelines. It offers a refreshing and unique approach to teaching First Aid exclusively for children in the Early Years and Primary age group.

Below is a breakdown of how we deliver our Resus Rangers Workshops. 

Enrichment Days

Every class from Early Years to Key Stage 2 will receive an assembly or a workshop tailored to their key stage. The four characters, the Resus Rangers, will guide each child on their First Aid journey tackling problems along the way.

Our Assemblies are ideal for younger year groups to teach them the very essential skill of calling for help and communicating the First Aid message to a grown-up. The assemblies are 20 minutes long each and include games and activities to teach younger students a key First Aid skill.

As for the older children (e.g. those in Key Stage 2), we can deliver Workshops lasting 2 hours for up to 60 children at a time to teach them practical skills such as the recovery position, CPR, and bandaging using teddies the children can bring in from home.

We can work around your timetable and deliver assemblies and workshops to any year group you feel would benefit.

Enrichment Days


Children from 4 years old will take part in a 45-minute First Aid story with our four animated characters (Louise, Farha, Jake, and Leo) and help them walk to school, solving First Aid problems along the way!

Our Resus Rangers Leaders guide the little ones through the immersive story, with little introductions to First Aid skills along the way.

Early Years children will learn:

  • What is First Aid?

  • How to call 999?

  • Recovery and Rolling

  • Fun with First Aid 


Our EYFS workshops embed key skills such as communication, literacy, problem solving, and more.

Key Stage 1


Pupils aged 4-6 learn essential First Aid skills in a fun and friendly way along with the Resus Rangers characters.

Our Resus Rangers Leaders guide the pupils along the story, encouraging lots of participation and introducing them to key skills such as the recovery position, CPR, and helping a friend who is hurt, all in a fun and friendly way.

Our Key Stage 1 pupils will learn:

  • Prevention and Safety

  • Communicating and calling 999, getting help

  • Recovery and Rolling 

  • Waking someone up

  • Introduction to CPR 

  • Bandages and bleeding 

Our Key Stage 1 workshops are 1 hour long and embed key skills such as communication, literacy, problem solving, and more.

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Our Key Stage 2 workshops for children aged 7-11 years old use our Resus Rangers First Aid resources to deliver fun and engaging workshops.

The workshops are 2 hours long. The pupils are guided through each topic by our Resus Rangers Leaders. All the children will need are pencils and their favourite teddies to practice First Aid skills on.

Our Key Stage 2 pupils will learn:

  • Prevention and safety 

  • Communication 

  • 999 and getting help

  • Unresponsive patient

  • What to do if they are not breathing

  • CPR and use of the automated external defibrillator (AED)

  • Choking

  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis- Medication

  • Bleeding and bandaging

With additional content for Year 5 and 6:

  • Head injuries

  • Burns

  • Bones

Our Leaders will bring a range of equipment for the pupils to practice their skills and partake in our student paramedic competition, as well as songs and role play and science.

Key Stage 2
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