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First Aid

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For EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Ideal for small, rural schools Resus Rangers offers an interactive First Aid assembly package.  Resus Rangers assemblies can be delivered at times to suit your assembly timetable and all assemblies come with a printable handout so children can embed their learning in the classroom.


By the end of June the Resus Rangers will have taught 15,356 children (and counting) online across the UK to begin their journey learning life saving First Aid skills.

“For good informative session which is a 'Must' for the children to know”

“Useful information and engaging”

“Interactive, fun, clear”

“As it was informative for the children”

“Excellent communication prior to the assembly, informative, accessible for all children”

“As it was informative and information was given in a clear but gentle way”

We can deliver our Assembly Package via zoom at times to suit your school. 

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Assembly 1: Communicating with Confidence

  • Calling 999

  • Communication

  • The First Aid Message

  • Getting Help from a Grown-Up

Assembly 2: Movers Assembly

  • When and How to Move a Person

  • Dealing with Unconsciousness

  • The First Aid 'Hokey Cokey'

Assembly 3: Injury Meet and Treat

  • Fractures

  • Minor and Severe Bleeding

  • Other Minor Injuries

All assemblies have supporting printable Worksheets.


The First Aid assembly package is £99.00 per school per year. You can chose to cancel at any point. This is three live assemblies per year for your whole school. 


You will also become a Resus Rangers School when you subscribe and we will send you your Quality Mark certificate to show your commitment to delivering quality First Aid education.

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