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For Teachers and Key Stage 2 Pupils

The Department for Education have recently announced plans to supply every school in the UK to receive a defibrillator for use on their site. Defibrillators are essential to use in the case of cardiac arrest in order to restart the heart and can increase the chances of survival by 40% if used within 3-5 minutes.

Now that all schools are being supplied with defibrillators, it is important to know how to use them effectively and confidently. We are offering Defibrillator Training workshops either as standalone workshops, or as a bolt-on for our Key Stage 2 workshops. Teachers and pupils are welcome to be trained together or separately.

Your Due Diligence on our Workshops:

All our Leaders are fully qualified and our quality assurance include:

  • DBS checks

  • Safeguard training

  • Fully insured

  • First Aid trained

  • Knowledge of SEND

  • Fully Risk Assessed

We are delighted to announce we have now delivered our Workshops in Counties all over the UK, as we continue our mission to teach all children First Aid.


  • The Chain of Survival

  • CPR Technique and Calling 999

  • What is an AED?

  • How to Use an AED

  • AED Accessories

Defibrillator Training can be combined within the CPR topic in our Key Stage 2 Workshops or can be taught separately.


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