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EYFS Workshop - Can First Aid Really Be Taught to Children As Young As 3 Years Old?


Although we have been delivering First Aid in schools for a length of time now and it has been well received. We have been asked on many occasions whether First Aid can be taught to children in the Preschool age group effectively?

The Resus Rangers specifically targets young children as we truly believe First Aid skills should be taught at a grassroots level. The approach we take to this training is to ensure the content of our Workshop is delivered through a range of learning methods suitable for children in the Early Years and through role play and storytelling.

The children are taken on a journey by the Resus Ranger Leader with the characters and look at some basic First Aid and how to call 999. The activities have been created to reinforce their understanding of the world. You can find out more about what our clients say about the Early Years Programme here.

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