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Delivering The Resus Rangers Programme

The Resus Rangers Programme is lead entirely by the teachers - no outside instructors are necessary to deliver these lessons. Our comprehensive User's Guide and Lesson Plans ensures that every teacher will feel comfortable teaching First Aid to their pupils without any intensive training.

First, the teachers will download their folder of resources and familiarise themselves with the User's Guide and Lesson Plans, and then it is only a matter of setting up the PowerPoints, handing out the worksheets, and following the Lesson Plans according to your own preferences... It's that simple!

Below is a breakdown of everything included in the Resus Rangers package. Click on the images for a better view!


Before you download your resources, you will have access to our complete and comprehensive User's Guide. This booklet will walk you through every step of the programme, from how to download and use your resources to delivering the lessons to your students.

Topics covered include...

  • Downloading your Resources

  • Understanding the Lesson Plans

  • How to Set Up the PowerPoints

  • Guidance on Activity Sheets

  • Troubleshooting and Contact Details

This guide is also included with every Key Stage folder to ensure your security every step of the way.

User's Guide Cover
Recovery Position
Mrs. Thomas
User's Guide Example



Every Key Stage comes with one PowerPoint presentation to aid with their Core Lesson Plans. These interactive presentations include a variety of activities such as simple danger recognition and mini quizzes.

At the end of every presentation there is a short cartoon involving some of the First Aid techniques learnt over the course of the Key Stage. These are an opportunity for the pupils to put into practise what they have learnt in a practical setting.

Both presentations and animations come to life with a full voice cast to guide your pupils through each lesson.

Presentation Example
Presentation Example
Activity Sheet Example
Question Time Example


Every lesson comes complete with comprehensive and in-depth Activity Sheets. This allows you to downloads and print as many copies as you need across the whole year.

Activities include...

  • Cutting and Sticking

  • Word Searches

  • Mini Quizzes

  • Colouring and Posters

  • And many more!

These Activity Sheets will guarantee every child will be able to understand basic First Aid.

These Activity Sheets are also available for you to buy as Workbooks from our shop.



Every Key Stage package includes a whole range of resources specifically for teachers to aid in their lessons.

Resources include...

  • Flexible Lesson Plans

  • Answer Keys

  • Pupil Certificates

The Lesson Plans allow all teachers to adapt the lessons to their own style of teaching and own experience of first aid - use as much or as little of the Presentations as you would like, organise group activities, complete all worksheets, have competitions...

It's entirely up to you how you feel is best to teach your pupils First Aid, making our programme ideal for after school clubs and even wet play activities. 

Certificate Example
Choking Method
Lesson Plan Example
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