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Teaching First Aid in Primary Schools

Want some additional information on teaching First Aid to your primary school children? This page has plenty of helpful hints and tips to help you deliver effective and engaging First Aid lessons.

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Are you the designated PHSE lead and do not know where to begin teaching First Aid to your primary school pupils? The Resus Rangers Teacher Training Course is designed for primary school teachers who are looking to improve their confidence in teaching First Aid to their pupils.

Our online Assemblies contain all up-to-date HSE guidelines and National Curriculum requirements for PSHE and all content is advised by a leading First Aid training provider with more than 20 years' experience in delivering First Aid. 


The Resus Rangers School Resources Programme is a package for the whole school to learn First Aid.


Split across two Key Stages (EYFS/KS1 & KS2) our programme includes topics such as injuries, recovery position and an introduction to CPR. Our Programme covers all of the subjects listed in the PSHE Basic First Aid documentation to meet your statutory guidance to deliver First Aid. 

Our Programme can also be delivered externally through our Resus Rangers Leaders in a bespoke edutainment Workshop at your school, or our package can be delivered by your PSHE curriculum lead or class teachers.

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