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We will help teach your pupils how to perform essential First Aid!

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By becoming a Resus Rangers Leader Franchise you will be part of a national network of outstanding children first aid trainers.


We lead the way for national quality child-centred first aid workshops, courses and products.


We truly understand that children are not just little adults and our first aid workshops are not adult courses modified but uniquely created interactive workshops with games, animations, songs and activities specifically designed for different ages.


We teach children as young as 3 years old that first aid saves lives and give them the confidence and encouragement to act in any emergency.


Become a Leader


Become a Franchisee and run your own Resus Rangers business today!

As a Franchisee, you will be delivering First Aid workshops in your local area using our unique Resus Rangers resources, plans and branding. You will receive your own website, territory, and all the business and training tools you require to run your own branch of Resus Rangers.

First Aid is now a requirement in primary school curriculum, so now is a great time to make a difference to your local school children teaching an important life saving skill for like. 


Are you looking to be your own boss but are unsure where to start? Maybe you want to work around your children or support your existing income? 

Become a Resus Rangers Leaders Franchisee and join a team of happy and successful First Aid Leaders delivering sessions across the UK for children. 

The Franchise gives you your very own ready made business teaching outstanding First Aid workshops to the children in your local schools, nurseries, youth groups, holiday clubs and even parties in your area.

First Aid Training is now a compulsory part of the national curriculum and schools are looking at ways to deliver this to their children in a fun and child centred approach. Our Franchise is targeted specifically at the children and the comprehensive workshop plans, resources, PowerPoints, equipment, workshop schedule, gives you everything you need to deliver outstanding First Aid to children.

What's included in your Franchise business?

Our Franchisees are fully supported to deliver outstanding first aid workshops to children

  • Comprehensive induction and training with full business support.

  • Fully structured and deliverable first aid programme for children aged 3 to 18 years old.

  • Everything you need to deliver the workshops.

  • Products to sell from our shop to your clients. 

  • Your own website with online booking forms and diary management system.

  • Your own marketing management programme and access to our national advertising and marketing plan and social media accounts.

  • Your own character to help you present your workshops and included in our animations.

  • Support with your social medias and access to our free online business training sessions. 

  • All the equipment you need and a resource pack with instructions of how to use it. 

  • Branded uniform to identify you as a Resus Rangers Leader.

  • All EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, Youth Group, Day Camps and Party Package workshops.

  • A specific area of the UK unique to you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the School Resources Programme

Guidance on paying for resources and accessing lessons. The cost of the programme is £99!

Who Are The "Resus Rangers"?

Who Are The "Resus Rangers"?


Resus Rangers Ltd. is a registered UK Company (12222697) who are dedicated to delivering excellent quality First Aid educational resources for Primary School pupils. Our content is endorsed by leading Health and Safety Executive approved training organisations.

What Age Groups Is This For?


This programme is designed for Key Stage 1 and 2 school pupils between 4 - 11 years old.

What Age Groups Is This For?

How Do I Subscribe?


Press the Yellow 'Subscribe here' button on the home page. You can enter your card details or ask for an invoice from our Enquiries team. Once you have paid you will be automatically billed yearly until cancelled.

How Do I Subscribe?

How Do I Access My Lessons?


Once you have Subscribed via the link at the top of the page an email will be sent to the address you registered with. This email will contain a link to all Lesson Resources. Keep this email safe for future use!

How Do I Access My Lessons?

What Do I Need To Teach Resus Rangers?


Other than a projector and a printer you do not need anything at all. You may wish to bring props from our shop for the children but this isn't essential. If you don't have any First Aid training, do not worry! Our easy-to-teach programme is designed for all levels of First Aid knowledge.

What Do I Need To Teach Resus Rangers?

How Many Pupils Can Be Taught At A Time?


You can print off and use as many Activity Sheets as you want as this package can be used across the whole school! We recommend class sizes of no more than 30 children to ensure all children get involved with the practical activities.

How Many Pupils Can Be Taught At A Time?

Is There Any Admin Involved?


No - all you need to do is download the resources from our website and then hand them out to your teachers. No maintenance or administration required!

Is There Any Admin Involved?

How Often Are The Resources Updated?


Our online resources are updated regularly throughout the year with exciting new content and any updates to First Aid procedures and practices.

How Often Are The Resources Updated?

How Long Is The Programme?


Our lesson plans are totally flexible so the length is up to you - you could teach a whole Key Stage in one lesson, or take your time with each topic across the whole year!

How Long Is The Programme?

What If We Would Rather Not Teach This Ourselves?


If you feel more comfortable with an external trainer teaching your pupils First Aid, you can book a workshop with one of our Resus Rangers Leaders. Find out more information here.

What If We Would Rather Not Teach This Ourselves?

How Much Content is in the Programme?


There are over 130 activity sheets in the School Resources Programme covering many different First Aid topics. There is also a PowerPoint and animated scenario for each Key Stage, and workshops come with fun activites.

How Much Content is
in the Programme?

About the Resus Rangers Workshops

Information on our workshops.

Who Are The Workshops For?

Who Are The Workshops For?


Our Resus Rangers Workshops are designed for primary school children from ages 4-11 years old. We have three versions of the programme: EYFS, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2.

How Long Are The Workshops?


The EYFS and Key Stage 1 Workshops are 1 hour long, and the Key Stage 2 Workshop is 2 hours 30 minutes, including breaks.

How Long Are The Workshops?

Who Delivers The Workshops?


Our fantastic Resus Rangers Leaders across the UK are ready to visit your school and teach your children First Aid skills. They are all fully qualified and DBS checked by us, and have plenty of experience working with children.

Who Delivers The Workshops?

How Do I Book a Workshop?


Simply visit this page and select your workshop. Once you have selected a date and time, just fill in your information and our team will raise an invoice. Once paid, the booking will be confirmed.

How Do I Book A Workshop?

What Do I Need To Prepare?


All you will need to do is make sure there is enough room for your pupils to do practical tasks such as Teddy CPR and the recovery position. Your pupils will need to bring their own teddies from home.

What Do I Need To Prepare?

What Is Your Safeguarding Policy?


All of our Resus Rangers Leaders are fully DBS checked and trained in how to teach children First Aid. Risk assessments are always filled out prior to each workshop, and we adhere to your school's COVID policies.

What is Your Safeguarding Policy?

How Many Pupils Can Be Taught At A Time?


We recommend class sizes of no more than 35 children to ensure all children get involved with the practical activities.

How Many Pupils Can Be Taught At A Time?

Online Support

Information on online shops and customer feedback.

Will I Pay VAT?


Our educational resources are VAT free but all items in our online shop will include VAT. The introductory price for the programme is just £99.

Will I Pay VAT?

Can I Buy Workbooks Instead Of Online Resources?


Printed workbooks will be available from our online shop soon.

Can I Buy Workbooks Instead Of Online Resources?

Can I Buy Official Merchandise?


Our online shop will open soon and will include a wide range of products from T-Shirts to stationary.

Can I Buy Official Merchandise?

Can I Leave Feedback?

Of course! You can email us at with any feedback you would like to share. We may ask to include your feedback in our Testimonials on our home page.

Can I Leave Feedback?

About The Resus Rangers School Resources Programme

Resus Rangers offers a comprehensive Educational Resource designed to teach children aged 4 years to 11 years First Aid in line with the government changes to the National Curriculum.


The Educational Resus Rangers Resource can be delivered by any member of staff in your school without prior training or knowledge.


The package your school will purchase includes animated videos of the Resus Rangers characters and covers all the first First Aid topics with supporting activity sheets that are easily downloaded and printable.


As the Programme is flexible and the topics can be delivered individually one or two at a time or all together.


To support the Programme we have designed and produced a range of merchandise including Resus Rangers Teddies for the younger children to practice CPR on.


  • No Administration

  • Renews automatically annually

  • New Content added regularly

  • Year-round access

  • For your entire School

per year

About The Resus Rangers Workshops

Resus Rangers offers a range of outstanding Workshops in your school for children in the Early Years up to Key Stage 2. The Workshops teach life-saving First Aid in a child-centred approach and meets the requirement to teach First Aid on the National Curriculum.

Content includes: 

  • Dangers and keeping safe

  • Waking someone up - The Recovery Position

  • CPR introduction

  • Medications and helping a friend

  • Bandaging and Minor Injuries

  • Resus Ranger certificates for completing the Workshop

The Resus Rangers Workshops are adapted to each age group to ensure the content is delivered specifically for the children in that class.


The Workshop starts with an introduction to the Resus Rangers are four little characters who are central to the Workshops . The characters are leaving for school and interact with your pupils to ask questions such as "what is First Aid?". Then they take them on a journey to call 999, help a person who is unconscious, take action when someone stops breathing and to look after their friends in the playground.

The exclusive interactive animations make our Workshops distinctly unique, interactive and fun for the children.  

Our Workshops and Teacher Led Resources have been endorsed by leading First Aid Training Providers and follow the latest UK Resuscitation Guidelines. It offers a refreshing and unique approach to teaching First Aid exclusively for children in the Early Years and Primary age group. 


We understand all schools are different and that is why the Resus Rangers offer a range of packages and solutions to meet the needs of your school in delivering quality First Aid lesson.


Find out what some of our children and schools have said about us.



Key Stage 1 Workshops 

  • Up to 60 children with one expert Resus Ranger Leader.

  • Interactive session including animation, song, rhyme, using the Annie doll.

  • Using teddies brought in from home to practice CPR.

  • Award ceremony for the children with their own personalised certificate for becoming a Resus Ranger.

Key Stage 2 Workshops

  • Up to 60 children with one Resus Ranger Leader

  • Optional activity sheets to support learning.

  • Interactive session including science, group activity, challenges and role play with the the Annie doll.

  • Using teddies brought in from home to practice CPR.

  • Award ceremony for the children with their own personalised certificate for becoming a Resus Ranger.

An All-Inclusive Educational

Resource Package for Teachers

  • Exclusive children's animations for each topic.

  • Interactive PowerPoints.

  • Comprehensive activities and worksheets.

  • Flexible & easy to follow lesson plans.

  • No planning required.

  • Designed so any member of staff can deliver.

  • Measurable learning outcomes.

  • Suitable to for all children including those with educational needs.

  • Whole school package - Revisit throughout the year for a spiral curriculum.



Ideal for schools who are delivering their own PSHE curriculum. Cross Curriculum links including science, physical education, maths and literacy.

Interactive PowerPoints
Activity Sheets
Certificates for All!
Quizzes and Games
Flexible Lesson Plans
Comprehensive User's Guide
Everything You Need to Teach First Aid

Read more about the First Aid topics covered in each Key Stage...

eyfs button.jpg
key stage 1 button.jpg
key stage 2 button.jpg

First Aid Workshops for your School Children

Some schools prefer their children learn First Aid in a practical and hands on way, this is where our child-centred Workshops come in!


We are now delivering Workshops across the United Kingdom. We offer Whole School Enrichment Days to train all pupils with Workshops and Assemblies for specific Key Stages.

Our multimedia Workshops use PowerPoints, animations, songs, rhymes, and group activities! The programme is entirely child-centred and specifically adapted for age groups from EYFS through to Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 1
Early Years
Early Years
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
  • Statutory National Curriculum PSHE Objectives Met

  • Practical Workshops based on the characters the 'Resus Rangers'

  • From £3 per child

  • Ideal for special days at school, to support other aspects of the PSHE curriculum or can be bought alongside assemblies or resources.

  • DBS Checked Leaders

  • Completely child-centred and ideal for pupils from EYFS to KS2.

  • Engaging and Fun with CPR introduction, First Aid equipment and games!


Ideal for schools who are looking for a practical 'hands on' approach to First Aid.

workshop button.jpg

Online First Aid Assembly Package

The Resus Rangers Assembly package offers THREE interactive online assemblies per year. The assemblies have been carefully considered to help achieve learning outcomes suggested in the PSHE teaching Basic First Aid Document (DfE).

The Assembly Titles and Topics:

  • Assembly 1: Communicating with Confidence (999, getting help and safety)

  • Assembly 2: First Aid 'Hokey Cokey' - Movers  (when and how to move a person)

  • Assembly 3: Injury Meet and Treat (fractures, bleeding and injuries)

Assemblies are delivered to suit your timetable and come with a support worksheet to embed learning, all delivered by Zoom or Teams.

Ideal for schools who are using a whole school PSHE scheme to provide initial learning experiences and practical First Aid. Also suitable for very large schools, small rural schools and schools where PSHE will form part of the assembly timetable.

assembly button.jpg
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