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Mrs Thomas
Helping a Child


Programme Designer & Administrator

Stephen is the brains behind the Resus Rangers programme's design and its use. He is delighted to answer any questions relating to the programme and assist you in its use.




Hannah is a former Deputy Head Teacher and enjoys utilising her experience and knowledge in primary school teaching to ensure that the Resus Rangers programmes and workshops are ideal for teaching every child First Aid. The content is not only child-friendly it also encompasses all levels of ability and  educational needs including dyslexia and autism.

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Quality Assurance Manager

Sarah is a primary school teacher and has joined us in the role of Quality Assurance Manager. She is continuously reviewing the content of our programmes and adding in new material to ensure that remains fun and engaging for the children

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James is the talented illustrator behind all of our Resus Rangers characters and has helped us bring our vision to life.



Marketing Manager

Alicia believes passionately in the importance of learning First Aid from an early age, and has written many articles for Mums Net, the NCT and parents magazines about how to respond in an emergency situation. She has listened carefully to requests of teachers and those working with children when advising our team on how best to design our learning programmes and the methods by which to deliver them.



Writer (Programme Content)

Alice has designed the worksheets not only to teach First Aid skills but to reinforce reading, writing and arithmetic. Not only do they result in discussion by the children but they also help them to realise that they can make a real difference in the safety of their family and friends and assist in an emergency situation knowing what to do.



Resus Rangers Leader

Tara is an experienced Resus Rangers Leader delivering the programme through Surrey and Sussex. She is available to answer questions on how a typical workshop runs and get the most from the educational programme.

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Naveed is an experienced animator who has worked with us to create our unique animations for our programme.

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