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First Aid Activities to Make Learning Fun

10 Engaging First Aid Activities to Make Learning Fun!

  • 12 December 2023
  • Author: Sarah Hayes
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As we all know, teaching first aid to children in school is an extremely valuable skill, however for some children the idea of first aid lessons can be quite daunting. So, we have created a list of fun and engaging ideas to make learning first aid an enjoyable experience for all children:

1. Role-Playing Games: Set up various stations representing common first aid scenarios, e.g. treating a minor cut, helping someone who is choking, and allow the children to rotate through these stations, practicing first aid skills in a fun and interactive way.

2. First Aid Kits: Have a hands-on activity where the children create their mini first aid kits. Teach them about the essential items in a first aid kit and why each item is important. This can also be an opportunity to discuss the importance of being prepared.

3. Storytelling: Use storytelling to illustrate different first aid situations. Create characters and scenarios that allow children to understand the importance of quick and appropriate responses in emergencies.

4. Puppet Shows: For the younger chidlren, develop a puppet show that demonstrates common first aid scenarios. Puppets can act out situations where one puppet is injured, and another puppet administers first aid. This can make the learning process entertaining and memorable for younger children.

5. Interactive Games: Incorporate educational games that simulate first aid scenarios. There are also interactive apps designed specifically for teaching children about first aid in a playful manner.

6. Guest Speakers: Invite a local paramedic, nurse, or other healthcare professional into your school to talk to the children about their job and the importance of first aid. A live demonstration or Q&A session can enhance the learning experience.

7. Visual Aids: Use visual aids such as posters, diagrams, and videos to explain and demonstrate first aid techniques. Visuals can help reinforce important concepts and make learning more engaging.

8. Group Projects: For the older children, assign them to small groups to research and present on specific first aid topics. This collaborative approach encourages teamwork and allows them to take ownership of their learning.

9. First Aid Scavenger Hunt: Organise a scavenger hunt where clues lead the children to different first aid scenarios. At each station, they must assess and respond to a simulated emergency, reinforcing their first aid knowledge in a dynamic way.

10. Community Involvement: Connect the first aid lessons to real-life situations in the community, for example, visit to a local fire station or ambulance service to meet the professionals and learn more about their roles.