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5,600 Year 6 pupils trained on World First Aid Day

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

World First Aid was a great success here at Resus Rangers HQ, at 9.15 am on the 9th September 2022 - 186 schools from across the UK and further afield including Bulgaria, Israel and USA all joined us online to celebrate this special awareness day.

We took a tour together of the World stopping at Asia, Australia and Africa to find out what the common emergencies were, how to call for help and what do in an emergency.

The young people were surprised to hear you can still call 999 in Africa, laughed at the idea of being bitten by a Mongoose in Asia and they learnt how to treat a Corky!

We were amazed and delighted to be able to bring such a large community of children first aider together for this assembly and create awareness on the importance of First Aid.

Our next event will be coming soon, so please do join our community to receive the time and the place.

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