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Another Successful Workshop!

Our Key Stage 1 Workshop in Hammersmith was a huge success! Read all about it below...

We were absolutely delighted to visit Bute House Prep School in Hammersmith this week to deliver an exciting workshop teaching the Year One pupils essential First Aid skills. From recognising dangers to CPR, there was nothing these bright young students couldn't do!

As requested, every pupil brought in their favourite teddy so our lovely Resus Rangers Leader, Tara, could teach them how to help their teddies and what to do when its life needs saving. All of the pupils were incredibly brave and by the end of the session, they were all confident Resus Rangers!

W e also asked the pupils to design their very own Resus Rangers character! They were all fantastic, and all worthy of becoming their own characters! In every Key Stage 1 Workshop, we take absolute pleasure in seeing these pupils show their creative side and also learn a lot about the human body, just by drawing and listening. At Resus Rangers HQ, we are keen on embedding fundamental skills such as these in all of our workshops.

But by far, the highlight of the workshop was the singing - we had not one, but two songs to teach the class - not forgetting an appearance from Baby Shark (do-do-do-do....)! Each song is designed to enable the pupils to easily remember essential First Aid techniques in a simple and effective way.

If all of this sounds like fun, why not bring the Resus Rangers programme to your school? You can either book a Workshop using the button below, or explore our website to find a teacher-led option!

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