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Back to School!

Are you ready to follow government guidance and teach your primary school children essential first aid skills?

The summer is officially over and the children are back in schools. Some children are going back to their regular schools, some are just starting, and some have just moved. Whatever your situation is, we hope you all have a great new academic year!

As part of new government guidance, all primary school children must be taught essential first aid skills. Don't know where to start? Thankfully, we at Resus Rangers HQ have designed a comprehensive School Resources Programme to allow all teachers to easily teach their children first aid.

Included the programme are:

  • PowerPoints with exclusive animations

  • Diverse activity sheets

  • Comprehensive lesson plans

  • User's Guide

  • Certificates for all students!

  • All of this for just £99/year (introductory price)

Our detailed lesson plans means any teacher can deliver a lesson on first aid, no matter their level of first aid training! Our PowerPoints will guide the children through the lessons, and the activity sheets will help consolidate their learning.

The programme is fully flexible - you can pick and choose what you teach the children, and use whatever resources you prefer. The entire school will have access to the same resources, so no need to buy multiple subscriptions!

Every year we update our resources in line with current first aid guidance, and based on user feedback so please make sure you tell us your experiences to help further improve our resources.

Want to learn more and subscribe? Click the button below for more information!

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