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Book Your 23/24 Academic Year First Aid Workshops!

Missed out on our First Aid workshops this year, or looking for more workshops next academic year? We've got you covered!

We understand that sometimes teachers would prefer to have an outside expert deliver First Aid instruction to their children. As well as our Teacher-led Resus Rangers programme, we also offer Workshop sessions for your pupils delivered using the interactive animated programme.

The workshops are child-centred and the content is specifically designed to teach First Aid skills in a fun and interactive way. The four little characters called the Resus Rangers will take your children on a journey, led by the Resus Ranger Leader. This includes 'Teddy Resus', games, songs and rhymes to help learn these important skills.

Our workshops are ideal for enrichment days across your school. We can deliver a combination of workshops and shorter assemblies for younger year groups, working flexibly around your timetable.

Find out more information and book a workshop today!

'Our school had minimal first aid covered during PSHE before Resus Rangers started to provide services in our school.

The only worry I had before inviting Resus Rangers into work with our pupils was if the leader would be able to work/cope with 60 children at a time! But he was excellent!

The process of working with Resus Rangers has been excellent - highly recommend the whole programme.

The results that we have experienced since using Resus Rangers is that the children's parents are very interested in what has been taught, our PSHE area of the curriculum has been covered, and the children are enthusiastic about learning new skills!''

- Stephanie Tilbury, PSHE Subject Lead at Abel Smith School, Hertford.

(Customer booked Resus Rangers 'Whole School Enrichment Day Workshops' in June 2023)

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