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Brave Primary School Child Saves His Mum's Life with First Aid!

Suzanne Bott was suffering from a bad asthma attack when her son, Oliver (5) from Surrey, called 999 and saved her life! Read more about our newest First Aid Champion below...

Oliver's mother has suffered with bad asthma attacks throughout her life, so Oliver has been taught from an early age what to do in case he needs to help. Unfortunately that day came when Oliver was being driven to school by his mum. She started to have a shortness of breath and was coughing at the wheel. Thankfully she had enough time to pull over.

With his quick thinking, Oliver jumped into the front seat and asked if she was okay. When he realised his mum was in danger, he pulled out her phone and dialled 999. The ambulance control operator remarked at how calm he was during what must be a very frightening time for him!

The ambulance arrived quickly and thanks to Oliver, his mum made a full recovery after a short stay in hospital. Now Oliver is on a mission to ensure every child knows the importance of calling 999 and learning First Aid!

Oliver joins our First Aid Champions, a group of real-life Resus Rangers across the country who help those in need - whether they are their friends, teachers, siblings, or even their own parents!

If you know a brave child who deserves recognition for their First Aid skills, then please contact us at, we would love to meet them!

Resus Rangers is a child-centred First Aid programme for primary school children. We offer workshops, assemblies and teacher-led resources for ages 4-11. If you would like to bring the Resus Rangers to your school, find out more information below:

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