Can First Aid be Taught to Nurseries?

Our Resus Rangers Leader for Sussex, Tara Burn, visited Each Peach Nursery to find out whether children aged 3 can be taught basic First Aid skills...

Our Resus Rangers Leaders have been delivering successful workshops in primary schools across the south. Children have responded well to our child-centred method of teaching essential First Aid skills. It has got us thinking - can even younger children learn the same skills?

Tara Burn, the Resus Rangers Leader for Sussex, visited a local nursery with a specially designed programme to deliver an engaging First Aid workshop. Tara led the children on a First Aid journey in their playground encountering all sorts of First Aid situations. The children played games, took part in songs and rhyme, and learned basic First Aid skills such as how to help an injured friend and calling for help.

The children were very enthusiastic and took part in every activity, thanks in part to their favourite teddies! It is very hard to keep the attention of children that young for an hour but our programme is designed to be as fun and engaging as possible for them.

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With the success of this trial workshop, we are pleased to be offering EYFS Workshops to nurseries and primary schools across the country! Find out more information or book a workshop below...

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