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Common Playground Injuries

Playgrounds are always designed to be as safe and as fun as possible for young children - but sometimes, injuries just cannot be avoided. Find out about some common playground injuries and how to help!

How many times has your child come home with a bruised knee or a bumped head? Nine times out of ten, your child will think nothing of it and carry on playing outside. But what do we do when it is something more than a small bump? The Resus Rangers are here to tell you some of the common injuries we find in the playground, and how they can help!

Bruises and Grazes

This is by far the most common injury. Children running around are bound to fall over! If they have just bruised the skin, just make sure the child does not hit it again and reassure them they will be fine. If they graze the skin and there is blood, clean the scrape and if necessary, put a plaster on it.

Bigger cuts

If they manage to cut themselves on something and it causes the blood to ooze or squirt out, you must immediately apply pressure to the wound to stop it bleeding. Clean the wound with water and put a plaster or wrap with a bandage, depending on the size of the cut.

Splinters and Stings

Another very common injury is splinters and stings. If a small piece of wood is stuck inside the child's finger or other part of the skin, use tweezers to very gently pull the object out. If an insect's stinger is stuck inside the child, use something to flick it out, such as a bank card or ID card!

Sprains and Strains

As children are still growing, it is very easy for them to sprain or strain a muscle from running around. This usually happens during sports games such as football or rugby. Make sure you rest the injured area, apply a cold pack to reduce swelling, and raise the injured area to bring the blood flow back to the heart.

If you would like to know more about these common playground injuries and bring the Resus Rangers Programme to your school, click the button below to learn more and subscribe today!

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