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Deliver Your Own First Aid Lessons with the Resus Rangers!

First Aid became compulsory on primary school PSHE curriculum in February 2020. Is your school ready to meet national curriculum requirements? The Resus Rangers are here to help!

In this current climate with the Omicron variant making its way through our schools, we understand that some schools may not want an external trainer to visit and teach your pupils First Aid. As well as our Resus Rangers Workshops, we also offer a teacher-lead School Resources Programme, an all-inclusive package that has everything you need to deliver a First Aid lesson yourself:

  • Comprehensive and flexible lesson plans

  • PowerPoints featuring exclusive animations

  • Diverse activity sheets

  • User's guide

  • Certificates for all

All resources are updated regularly to bring you exciting new First Aid content all year round. Our resources are designed for ages 4-11, KS1 and KS2. For a full list of topics we cover click here:

Subscribe today and join the Resus Rangers!

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