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Delivering First Aid During a Pandemic

The way we approach First Aid has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. Two years on, we review what we can do as Resus Rangers and First Aiders to help someone in need.

With social distancing rules in place it can be hard to determine when it is safe to approach someone who is in need of First Aid. As Resus Rangers, we know that we must consider our own safety before helping someone. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe during a First Aid situation...

Face Masks and Gloves

By now most of us are used to carrying our masks with us wherever we go. If you find someone who needs First Aid, remember to keep your mask on. Especially if you need to get close to the injured person! And wear gloves where possible to prevent cross-contamination. All First Aid kits should provide gloves.

Good Hygiene

Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds every time you use the toilet, prepare food, or if you're handling something disgusting! Not only does this help protect you from COVID, it can also prevent other diseases and viruses such as colds.

Rescue Breaths

As per HSE guidance, we no longer teach rescue breaths for CPR. This came into effect before the pandemic but the rule is now enforced to protect ourselves during CPR. However, if the casualty is a child or baby, you should still do an initial five rescue breaths.

Looking After Someone Who Has COVID-19

Many cases of COVID-19, particularly the Omicron variant, are not as deadly as they have been previously as the virus mutates. If someone in your family catches the virus, make sure you keep your distance and ensure they make themselves comfortable. They may take some time to recover, you must let them rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Our First Aid Workshops are designed and adapted according to current HSE guidelines, and all of our Resus Rangers Leaders follow your school or nursery's COVID-19 guidelines and maintain social distancing. Book your workshop today:

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