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Download a FREE Activity Sheet!

Want to get a taste of the activities we provide as part of our First Aid programmes? Download a free activity sheet and try it out on your children today!

At Resus Rangers we provide a wide range of activities to help get children interested and learning about First Aid. What can be a daunting topic for adults can be a fun and varied subject for children to learn, with the right resources. We would never expect children to learn from the PowerPoints designed for adults, so what can we do to appeal to a younger audience?

Our activity sheets are packed full of fun tasks, such as colouring in, cutting and sticking, word searches and puzzles, and more! All you need to do is print the sheets or buy an activity booklet from our store (coming soon) and let the children get to work! Along the way they will learn important First Aid skills such as recognising danger, how to help an injured friend, and how to call the emergency services.

If you would like to download a sample activity sheet, click the button below! No sign-up required...

Free Activity Sheet _ Resus Rangers
Download PDF • 879KB

If you would like a full product demo, including a PowerPoint, more activity sheets, and a lesson plan, sign up for one today! You will receive all you need to teach a one-off First Aid lesson in either Recognising Danger or Poisons and Burns. Sign up below...

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