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First Aid on Holiday

Follow these first aid tips to ensure you and your children have a relaxing and accident-free holiday!

Looking forward to kicking up your feet and relaxing this summer holiday? Maybe you're planning a family holiday down to the coast, or spending a few days in a tent? Wherever you go, there will be plenty of things for your children to do and play with. And unfortunately, some of these come with their own risks. We're not suggesting you spend your holidays worrying over your children, but here are some precautionary measures should you need them!


Farha says:

Swimming in the sea is a fun and healthy activity! But you must be a confident swimmer. For young children, they must be supervised at all times. Many children drown silently, not like in the movies. So make sure they are always visible and using inflatables if the wind and tides aren't strong.

Louise says:

If you're going to a different country, trying new food is an important part of going abroad! But watch out for common allergens such as nuts, dairy, or wheat. If your child accidentally consumes something they shouldn't, they may have a severe allergic reaction, and you must seek medical advise immediately. Why not try learning a phrase or two in another language and ask them directly if something contains an allergen!

Jake says:

Do you know how to get ahold of the emergency services abroad? Click here for a list of emergency telephone numbers for other countries from Country Living.

Leo says:

Going somewhere sunny? Don't forget to protect yourself and your children from the sun! Too much can lead to sun burn, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke (which can be life threatening). Always cover them in sun protection cream, wear a hat, and sit in the shade as much as possible.


Want to learn more about Drowning, Allergies, Calling for Help, or other common medical issues? Tell your school about our School Resources programme and ensure your children are ready to safely enjoy their holidays!

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