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Follow Our Socials!

Want to connect with us and share some First Aid stories and information? Below are links to all our social media accounts and how you can get involved!


Facebook is our primary social network - we use this for all our latest news and updates. Also, we have our own Facebook group - the Resus Rangers Community. This is a space to discuss all things First Aid and share our experiences of using First Aid in real life.


Our Twitter account is a great place to connect with us directly and tweet us your questions and queries. We post weekly content, reach out to local communities, and share exciting news across the country!


We are very proud of our fantastic illustrations and animations provided by our graphics team. Our Instagram page is where we show off our wonderful graphics and share exclusive content from our programmes.

Just joined us from one of our social media accounts? Why not have a look around our website! We offer First Aid resources to primary schools that include lesson plans and users guides, along with PowerPoints (with exclusive animations), activity sheets and certificates for the children. We also deliver First Aid Workshops with our experienced Resus Rangers Leaders! For more information, click the link below and begin your Resus Rangers journey!

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