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FREE First Aid Assemblies In Your School - Book Today!

We are offering free Zoom assemblies for all primary schools across the UK this May on the topic of First Aid.

Do you want to get started with teaching First Aid? Our Communicating with Confidence First Aid assembly is FREE in May. If you have the tech, we would be delighted to teach some basic First Aid to your children.

Topics included:

  • Calling 999 - Taught by our real life 999 Call Operator!

  • Getting help

  • Shout it loud, then be proud!

We are beginning our Zoom Assemblies from May 2022 and will continue for the rest of the academic year and into the 22/23 year.

Make an enquiry with us today by following this link and filling in the form at the bottom of the page to let us know you would like a free Zoom assembly.

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