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Hazards in Winter

The holidays are almost here! As the weather gets colder, new hazards can appear and have serious consequences if we are not careful...

Winter is a wonderful time of year. The excitement of the holidays combined with the chance of snow means children across the country are eager to finish school and get out and play. However we must always watch out for dangers that colder weather can produce. Here are some things to look out for:

Hypothermia and Frostbite

Hypothermia occurs when the body's core temperature drops below 38°C. If a child has been playing outside for too long and become weakened, make sure they wrap up warm and replace any wet clothing for dry. Hypothermia can lead to frostbite, a condition where tissues freeze and can lead to amputation. Warm the affected body parts with your armpit or groin but do not apply direct heat or rub the area!

Slipping on Ice

As the temperature drops below freezing, ice patches can occur which very often leads to children slipping over as they can be hard to spot. Make sure your child treads carefully and treat any cuts or grazes. Find out more treatment details here.


Children love to play in the snow! Especially in the north of England and Scotland we see heavy snow during the winter months. Young children often try to eat snow, but make sure they don't as it can lead to serious illness. If your children are taking part in a snowball fight, make sure snowballs don't contain any foreign objects such as gravel and stones or shards of glass or ice.

Heating Elements/Fireplaces

Many houses have already switched on their heating or fired up their fireplaces at this time of year to keep the house or flat warm. Make sure your child doesn't touch the radiators as they can burn themselves. Additionally, do not let your children near fireplaces, even when turned off - the hot coals or wood can still cause serious burns.

Recognising danger is a key element of First Aid we teach to primary school children across the UK. If you want to bring the Resus Rangers Workshops Programme to your school in 2022, click the button below and find out more.

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