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How safe is your home this summer?

Here are some top tips to save your little ones from common household injuries.

We all do our best to help our children, but sometimes accidents happen! Most of the time it's just a bumped head or a sore bum from falling over, but what can we do to prevent more serious injuries? Here are some top tips from our Resus Rangers, taken directly from our first aid resources...


Farha says:

If you want to stay safe in the living room, make sure all plugs are kept off the floor if not in use. If you have a fireplace, make sure there is a grill surrounding it. Even if it isn't on, the coals or wood may still be hot!

Jake says:

The kitchen can be a dangerous place for young children if left unsupervised. Make sure all food is safely stored away so they can't choke on small objects. Keep your children away from the oven at all times, even when turned off. And make sure all spillages are cleaned up so they don't slip over.

Louise says:

Going upstairs can be dangerous. Make sure your children never play on the stairs. If you have a baby or toddler, you should use a stair gate to prevent falls. If your child is prone to falling out of bed, it may be worth placing a barrier on the side to prevent head injuries.

Leo says:

If your child is taking a bath, you should keep an eye or an ear out for them. Whilst drowning in a bath is not common, you can never be too careful! Children can easily burn or scald themselves using hot taps so make sure they are extremely careful. And ensure your children do not slip on any water that spills on the floor.


If you want to learn more about safety at home (and other useful first aid topics), subscribe to our Home Learning Programme for only £20 and teach your children essential first aid skills this summer!

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