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How to Stay Safe Travelling to School

Walking or biking to school is a great way to get some daily exercise and is a great way to cut down on carbon emissions and help the environment. However, there are many dangers that parents and children must be aware of...

According to UK Government statistics, over 3600 children up to 15 years old were injured on the roadside in 2019 with over 1400 being seriously injured and sadly, 18 were killed. While the reason for each accident can be different, it is always important to stay vigilant and ensure you and your children are as safe as possible when walking or cycling along roads and cycle lanes.

Fortunately, the Resus Rangers know all about road safety, and are here to tell you more! Here are some tips on how to stay safe travelling to school:

Crossing the Road

Roads can be very dangerous, especially during the school rush each morning. As much as we would like to think other parents are careful drivers, some can be rather dangerous. Always look both ways before crossing, and always make sure it is at a zebra crossing or traffic lights. If your area has a lollypop person, ask them for help crossing the road!

Riding a Bike

Bicycles are another great way of staying healthy and green! However you must always be careful and wear protective gear such as a helmet. If you fall off your bike and hit your head, you would rather a piece of plastic hit the ground than your own head! Also, you should always get off your bike when using a crossing to help keep others safe around you.

Driving to School

If you live further away or are tying the school run with the commute to work, using a car is an option many parents take. Whilst we are sure your driving is safe, you must always watch out for others on the road. Make sure everyone in the car is strapped in securely and all doors are locked. Watch out for children running across the road too!

Public Transport

If you don't have access to a car or live in a busy city such as London, public transport is often the quickest way of getting to school. Make sure your children are always travelling with an adult and keep an eye on them at all times - you don't want them to get lost! Always make sure they pick up their backpacks and lunch boxes as well.

Recognising danger is a key element in becoming a Resus Ranger and learning essential First Aid skills. If you would like to bring the Resus Rangers Programme to your school, book a workshop today!

Our Early Years/Key Stage 1 workshops follows the four Resus Rangers characters in their travel to school, encountering First Aid problems such as the ones above! Come show us how well your children have demonstrate basic First Aid skills...

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