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Join our Firework Safety Assembly this November!

Bonfire night, also known as Fireworks night, is one of the most popular times for family and friends to get together to watch fireworks. However, with fireworks, sparklers and bonfires there are always going to be risks and hazards which you need to look out for, and with around 990 injuries every year caused by fireworks in October and November, it is important to know how to stay safe during fireworks night.

Join The Resus Rangers on Friday 4th November at 9.15am as they teach pupils how to enjoy bonfire night in a safe and responsible way! They will be looking at the dangers of fireworks and bonfires, what type of injuries can occur, and how to treat them.

Registration for this one-off assembly is totally free and any Year 5 class is eligible. No further purchase is necessary, however if you would like the Resus Rangers to visit your school and teach your pupils practical First Aid skills such as bandaging, the recovery position, and CPR, you can enquire about booking a First Aid Workshop with us.

To book your place on our free online assembly, please register your class below:

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