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Learn CPR Using Your Favourite Teddies!

Every Resus Rangers Workshop includes a topic on learning CPR using your children's favourite soft toys from home.

Learning CPR can be a difficult subject. Some adults on First Aid courses comment on how difficult it can be to understand the correct technique. At Resus Rangers, we want to make sure the British public can understand basic First Aid skills as young as possible, but how do we adapt our teaching for primary school pupils?

With every workshop booking, we encourage the teachers to ask students to bring their favourite teddies from home into school. These are used throughout the First Aid workshop sessions, most importantly when learning CPR. Instead of using the standard Annie dolls you would expect on an adult First Aid course, we ask the children to practise CPR technique on their soft toys.

This creates a stress-free and more enjoyable atmosphere for the children to learn this essential skill. As the children grow older and stronger, they will feel more prepared to practise on proper Annie dolls.

If you want to see for yourself how this method can benefit your pupils, book a Resus Rangers Workshop today, for ages 3-11!

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