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Resus Rangers: Across the Country!

We are now delivering First Aid workshops and lessons across England. Find out how you can bring Resus Rangers to your school!

Since we began in 2019, we have been working hard to ensure every primary school pupil has access to basic First Aid knowledge. We offer comprehensive and interactive resources for teachers to use in classrooms, as well as First Aid workshops with our Resus Rangers Leaders.

The Resus Rangers School Resources Programme is a downloadable package for the whole school. Split across two Key Stages (EYFS/KS1 & KS2) and includes topics such as Minor Injuries, Recovery Position, and an introduction to CPR. These lessons are designed to be totally flexible; you can either teach all the essential topics in each Key Stage in one Lesson, or spend time with each topic in individual lessons. How you design to deliver your lessons is entirely up to that teacher and can be embedded as part of the PHSE planning and learning.

Every Key Stage topic is ALL included to download in our Teacher-Led Programme. You can choose to deliver any class to any age group you decide. You may teach CPR to your Key Stage 1 class or perhaps you may want to discuss First Aid kits with your Key Stage 2 classes.

Find out more information here:

We also offer a range of outstanding Workshops in your school for children in the Early Years up to Key Stage 2. The Workshops teach life-saving First Aid in a child-centred approach and meets the requirement to teach First Aid on the National Curriculum and Curriculum of Excellence.

The Resus Rangers Workshops are adapted to each age group to ensure the content is delivered specifically for the children in that class.

The Workshop starts with an introduction to the Resus Rangers are four little characters who are central to the Workshops . The characters are leaving for school and interact with your pupils to ask questions such as "What is First Aid?". Then they take them on a journey to call 999, help a person who is unconscious, take action when someone stops breathing and to look after their friends in the playground.

The exclusive interactive animations make our Workshops distinctly unique, interactive and fun for the children.

Our Workshops and Teacher Led Resources have been endorsed by leading First Aid Training Providers and follow the latest UK Resuscitation Guidelines. It offers a refreshing and unique approach to teaching First Aid exclusively for children in the Early Years and Primary age group.

Find out more and book a workshop here:

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