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Resus Rangers supports Road Safety Week 2022 by Brake

Road Safety Week 2022 by Brake is the charities biggest road safety campaign, taking place from 14 to 20 November 2022.

The theme of Road Safety Week 2022 is 'SAFE ROADS FOR ALL!'.

With more than more than six children killed or seriously injured on roads every day in the UK, it is extremely important to raise awareness for safe roads for all, and that is why Resus Rangers are supporting Road Safety Week, to help promote that every life on our roads matter, and every death and injury is preventable.

Resus Rangers believe that educating children on recognising the dangers when walking to school is key in achieving safe roads for all and have designed this 'recognising danger' worksheet which is included in the Resus Rangers First Aid Workshop for KS2.

Read more about 'Road Safety Week 2022' by Brake, the road safety charity, here: Take part | Brake

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