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Resus Rangers to deliver 'Self-Care' workshops at 'Now and Beyond' - 7th February 2024!

Resus Rangers are super excited to announce that on 7th February 2024, we will be hosting some free, live 'Self-Care' workshops during 'Now and Beyond': - the UK’s only mental health festival for educational settings.

'Now and Beyond' is hosted by youth mental health charity 'Beyond': - and delivers free access to mental health resources, workshops and a live broadcast on 7th February 2024, for all educational settings of students aged 4-18, staff and parents/carers.

It is now in its fourth year and has reached over ONE MILLION young people, educators and parents/ carers. It's a unique opportunity for educational settings that provides invaluable barrier-free access to mental health resources, with hundreds of youth mental health practitioners taking part each year and delive​ring free online workshops into local educational settings.

Resus Rangers are proud to announce that we are working with the 'Beyond' charity to help provide barrier free access to mental health resources in educational settings.

As part of Resus Rangers First Aid education programme for Children aged 4-11 years old, we will be launching our 'Resilience Rangers' Mental Health First Aid education programme in early 2024, and we are delighted to support the ‘Now and Beyond’ mental health festival by delivering some 'Self-Care' workshops for free, which have been taken from our full resource programme.

Our 'Self-Care' workshop is suitable for 5-7 years old, and we will be exploring the following;

• Understanding the importance of self-care.

• Recognising ways to improve your mood.

• Reflecting on what does and does not make you feel better.

The follow content will be covered:

  • What is Self-Care?: What do you do to relax?

  • Being Mindful: What does being mindful mean? How many senses can you name? How can we be more kind about ourselves?

  • Moving and Thinking: Why is exercise important? What exercise do you like to do? How can music help us? What’s your favourite song? How can we keep our minds active?

  • Making a Self-Care Plan: What is a self-care plan?

  • Summary: What have we learnt today?

We have the following workshop times available to book; 9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm.

Please book your workshops here:

For more information about our Resilience Rangers Mental Health First Aid Education Programme for Children aged 4-11 years old, please email:

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