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Staying Safe This Christmas

That time of year is finally upon us once again! With all of the excitement of the holidays it is very important to make sure you are keeping safe in your home.

Christmas time is a very exciting time to be a child, and no doubt a rather stressful time being a parent! Making sure all the gifts are bought and wrapped, the Christmas dinner is in the oven, the family are entertained... Above all else, you must make sure your child doesn't somehow injure themselves in all the excitement. Here are some tips from the Resus Rangers on how to have a happy and safe Christmas.


Children love toys! However some toys can come with a number of hazards. For example many action figures may come with small parts can younger children and babies could choke on, as well as batteries. Read our guidance on choking here.


Allergic reactions can develop at any point of a young person's life, common allergens include nuts and dairy. If you are preparing a dinner with any of these common allergens, inform your guests and keep an eye on signs of anaphylaxis in children. Read our guidance on anaphylaxis here.

Bumps and Cuts

Children can become over-excited at Christmas and run around the house showing off their new toys. Make sure someone is keeping an eye on the children at all times in case any of them bump their heads or graze themselves. Read more about minor bumps and cuts here.

Burns and Scalds

Sometimes children like to feel helpful and assist in the kitchen while an adult is preparing dinner. Unfortunately this can sometimes lead to them getting burnt by the oven or scalded by hot water. Cool the burn down with tepid water for 20 minutes. For more information on burns, click here.

If you want your children to learn more about common hazards and injuries, our Resus Rangers programmes are specifically designed for primary school aged children to learn basic First Aid. If you would like to learn more, click the button below.

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