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Summer is here!

Find out what we're up to this summer over at Resus Rangers HQ...

Another school year done! This past couple of years have been like no other - online classes, massive supermarket queues, and a complete upheaval of the way we all work. As the country begins to relax restrictions, we suddenly have a summer ahead of us we can enjoy more freely. But what to do?

Teachers and school administrators can still subscribe to our School Resources Programme or book a Workshop session for your school for the next academic year. The process has never been easier to book a workshop, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will confirm a date and take payment as soon as possible! Alternatively, you can subscribe to the School Resources Programme here. Once your account has been activated, you can subscribe and set your start date ready for the autumn term.

If you're a parent looking for ways to entertain and educate your children over the summer holidays, why not subscribe to the Home Learning Programme? No first aid experience required to teach your children essential first aid skills, just subscribe here and download our easy-to-use resources. Lessons can be as short as an hour or as long as you'd like and is suitable for all primary school-aged children.

Keep an eye on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) this summer too. We have weekly quizzes, fun videos about the Rangers, and all the latest first aid news and information!

We hope you have a fun and safe summer holidays!

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