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Thanksgiving - Safety in the Kitchen

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate in the UK! The Thanksgiving dinner is often the part children (and parents!) look forward to most. Here are some top tips from the Resus Rangers on how to stay safe in the kitchen!

Children love to be in the kitchen - after all, it's where the food is! As children learn by copying, they often want to help grown-ups in the kitchen. However this is not always the safest thing to do as the kitchen can have many hazards that you may not always be able to keep an eye on while you are busy with a roast. Here are some examples of kitchen hazards and how to avoid them:


This is a topic we covered recently on the Resus Rangers blog. Since there is food in the kitchen, it is very common for children to choke on something without you even knowing they picked it up. Make sure you keep all food out of reach, or keep an eye on it so unwanted hands don't get ahold of it! Read more about choking here.


Burns is another recently covered topic around Bonfire Night. However in the kitchen, burns are usually the result of the oven being on. Also, hot taps can also cause burns, from both the water and the tap itself. Ensure your children know to never go near the oven or hot tap, even if both are turned off! Read more about burns here.

Cuts and Wounds

The kitchen is filled with sharp objects such as knives and scissors. If left unattended, the injuries could range from a mild cut to a more serious wound. Always make sure your sharp objects are kept far out of reach from children and always put straight away once you have finishing using them.


It is very common for water or other liquids to spill in the kitchen whilst cooking or preparing. It can be an issue if you have children running around the house - oil especially is a major slip risk! Ensure all spillages are cleaned up quickly and make sure your children know to not run in the kitchen, especially with the many other hazards in mind.

Want your children to learn more about household hazards? The Resus Rangers School Resources programme features several topics on recognising danger and kitchen hazards, as well as topics such as Choking, Poisons, Burns, and more! Find out more about how you can teach your primary school children essential First Aid skills here:

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