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Resus Rangers is a team of First Aid industry experts and 999 ambulance control room medics. We know first hand why children should learn First Aid and what the difference it can make to survival rates when a 999 call is made early and clearly. 

We would delighted to share our experience with working with children to teach this important life saving skill and what we have learnt in the process of visiting and working with hundreds of schools and teaching thousands of children across the UK.

Please do call us if you would like us to guest lecture, blog host or any other opportunities to tell our community about the important of teaching children First Aid. 


St. Hilary's School


"Outstanding First Aid workshop for our children."


Bute House Preparatory School


"Great resource for teaching First Aid even to the tiny little one"


Each Peach Nursery Newhaven


"Resus Rangers teach our preschoolers first aid once a year. We believe it's a valuable life skill that should be started at nursery. The Resus Rangers offers song, dance and role play to help the little ones understand what to do. They absolutely love it and we practice the songs with them after"



The teacher-led programme has be designed to be quick and easy to organise in the classroom, simple to follow and fun and interactive for the children. 


Our Resus Rangers School Resources Programme is centralised around four little characters as they go on a journey to teach your pupils First Aid.


Our comprehensive User's Guide and Lesson Plans ensures that every teacher will feel happy teaching First Aid without any intensive training in the subject.