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First Aid

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For Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

We understand that sometimes teachers would prefer to have an outside expert deliver First Aid instruction to their children. As well as our Teacher-led Resus Rangers programme, we also offer Workshop sessions for your pupils delivered using the interactive animated programme.

The workshops are child-centred and the content is specifically designed to teach First Aid skills in a fun and interactive way. The four little characters called the Resus Rangers will take your children on a journey, led by the Resus Ranger Leader this includes 'Teddy Resus', games, songs and rhymes to help learn these important skills.

Our workshops are ideal for enrichment days across your school. We can deliver a combination of workshops and shorter assemblies for younger year groups, working flexibly around your timetable.

Your Due Diligence on our Workshops:

All our Leaders are fully qualified and our quality assurance include:

  • DBS checks

  • Safeguard training

  • Fully insured

  • First Aid trained

  • Knowledge of SEND

  • Fully Risk Assessed

We are delighted to announce we have now delivered our Workshops in Counties all over the UK, as we continue our mission to teach all children First Aid.

Workshop Content

Content: This is adapted to each of the Key Stages. 

  • Basic Life Support - CPR

  • Calling 999

  • Dealing with someone who wont wake up - including recovery position

  • Getting adult help

  • Helping a friend

  • Bandages and keeping safe

With optional subjects in: 

  • Poisons and burns

  • Choking and asthma

  • Bleed and fractures

  • Head injuries

  • Question Time: Animated Scenario

Our workshops offer child-centred learning delivered through a multiple of teaching methods including, games, songs, rhyme, art, science, PowerPoint, animations and practical skills.


Our Workshops and Assemblies

We can deliver a combination of workshops and assemblies across your whole school or deliver workshops to one key stage or year group.


  • Available as part of our Whole School Enrichment Days only.

  • 20 minute assembly on Calling for Help/999.

  • Ideal for whole year groups in your school hall.

  • Interactive games and activities.

Key Stage 1

  • Up to 60 children with one expert Resus Ranger Leader.

  • One hour long.

  • Interactive session including animation, song, rhyme, using the Annie doll.

  • Using teddies brought in from home to practice CPR.

  • Certificates for becoming a Resus Ranger.

Key Stage 2

  • Up to 60 children with one Resus Ranger Leader.

  • Two hours long.

  • Optional activity sheets to support learning.

  • Interactive session including science, group activity, challenges and role play with the the Annie doll.

  • Using teddies brought in from home to practice CPR.

  • Certificates for becoming a Resus Ranger.


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