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First Aid

The Resus Rangers First Aid Programme

The Resus Rangers First Aid Programme is a resources package for the whole school to learn First Aid. Our resources are centred around four little characters as they go on a journey to teach your pupils First Aid with our very own illustrations and exclusive animations.


Split across two Key Stages (EYFS/KS1 & KS2) our programme includes topics such as injuries, recovery position and an introduction to CPR. Our Programme covers all of the subjects listed in the PSHE Basic First Aid documentation to meet your statutory guidance to deliver First Aid.


Our programme aligns with the wider PSHE curriculum and providers an amazing opportunity to teach your children to communicate with confidence to build compassion whilst also embedding other areas of the curriculum including literacy and science and align with schools visions.

Topics Covered

Our Resus Rangers First Aid Programme is built using a spiral curriculum, ensuring all year groups learn new topics as they progress through their First Aid education. Below is a breakdown of the topics covered.

EFYS/Key Stage 1

1) Recognising Danger

  • Dangers in the Home​

  • Dangers in the Playground

2) Minor Bumps and Cuts

  • How to Help a Friend

  • First Aid Kits

3) Calling for Help

  • When to Call 999

4) Getting an Adult to Help

  • Talking to Grown-Ups

The guidance issued by The Government has said that by the time a child leaves primary school education they should be able to:

  • How to make a clear and efficient call to emergency services if necessary.

  • Understand the concepts of basic First Aid, for example dealing with common injuries, including head injuries.


How Is It Delivered?

Delivering the Resus Rangers First Aid Programme can be done in three ways:


Teacher-Led Resources

Resus Rangers Teacher-Led Resources can be used flexibly by teachers. This all-inclusive resource package includes Spiral Curriculum Scheme of Work, Lesson Plans, Interactive PowerPoint, over 200 Worksheets and Resus Rangers Animated videos.

post sats workshops copy.jpg


The Resus Rangers programme includes First Aid Workshops delivered by qualified Resus Rangers Leaders at times to suit your school.

assemblies screenshot_edited.jpg


We also offer an interactive online Assembly Package for schools where PSHE is part of their assembly timetable.

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