Medical Manager

Tara joins us after 15 years in the commercial first aid training sector and the ambulance service. Tara is constantly working on new content and checking our content is up to date.



Primary Education Lead

Hannah is a former Deputy Head Teacher. Hannah enjoys embedding those all important key skills into our programme.

Male Teacher


Graphic Designer and Animator

Stephen joins us to create the Resus Rangers and bring them to life. All 4 characters have been created specifically to engage with the children.

Marketing M.png


Marketing Manager

Alicia is working with schools and local MPs to bring our programme to your school. She has been asked to write for School Bus and Mumsnet on the importance of first aid for children.

farha 4.png
I am Farah
I look forward to teach the
children about asthma.
jake 3.png
Hi I am Jake
I am really into sports, football is my favourite.
leo 6.png
louise 7.png
Hi I am Leo,
I am allergic to nuts, I have to carry a EpiPen.
Hi I am Louise,
I cant wait to you through our first aid programme.