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Resus Rangers

About Our Services

Our Mission Statement

The Resus Rangers is targeted specifically for Primary education, delivering First Aid lessons through the only animated First Aid programme for younger children using a spiral curriculum Scheme of Work.

Our Teacher-Led Resources and Programme teaches First Aid in a non-threatening, fun and interactive way. In our design process we worked with several large national commercial training companies to gain information about what makes teaching children different to teaching adults First Aid. We took onboard every comment they gave us to design the Resus Rangers. Interesting discussion was made with all the commercial training companies we interviewed, unanimously stating that adults can find First Aid an emotive subject especially when they have dealt with a First Aid incident or accident. We used this information to create an animated programme of 4 little characters who take the children through First Aid topics in a story journey format. A central theme in our Programme is empowering children to communicate confidently to create compassion. We want to lay the foundation for confident communication so that child have the higher functioning skills to overcome the fight, flight, freeze reaction in an emergency and most importantly act in a compassionate way to get help and help others.

The Resus Rangers Teacher Packages includes everything a teacher would need to deliver First Aid, including lesson plans, animated interactive PowerPoints, key teaching points, spiral curriculum scheme of work.

Our comprehensive User's Guide and Lesson Plans ensures that every teacher will feel happy teaching First Aid without any intensive training in the subject. The package has over 120 worksheets which support the learning and allow teachers to assess pupils understanding and meet the learning objectives set. Our vision is to teach all primary children First Aid, and our programme has been carefully considered to be inclusive of all children with all types of educational needs. ​ We hope you will join us on our mission.